Hotline Miami – A First Impression Review

Hotline Miami is a very fast paced unforgiving action game developed by Dennaton Games.
The game is set in an alternate 1989 Miami, you take on the role of a psychotic mad man who goes on a rampage after receiving missions on his answering machine.

The game launched with a very buggy start with users reporting a variety of bugs from ‘random crashes during some missions’ to ‘no audio’. The Steam overlay has been disabled in a recent update as there is some issues. Apart from those the only issue I encountered was Steamworks achievements not unlocking randomly. But that shouldn’t be something major to ward you off from enjoying what this game has to offer.

The nostalgia inducing 2D sprites really work well for this game. It very much resembles Grand Theft Auto 1(one) from memory but compared to this Grand Theft Auto would be Hello Kitty Fun time. There’s no settings menu to change the resolution but that’s no worry as the game scales itself to your screen.

The game-play is harshly unforgiving however, where only one hit by an enemy can kill you. Planning and timing your rampage is quite important, using doors to knock enemies down temporarily can be very useful in a 1v3 situation. Some missions often leave scenes that would make Tarintino learn a thing or two. The 8-bit style 80′s music really complements the fast paced carnage that’s guaranteed in every mission.

During missions you have the ability to pick up a variety of weapons that are either lying on the ground or in the hands of the enemies. The weapons can range from Beer Bottles to Katanas, Pistols to Assault Rifles. Shooting a weapon will alert nearby enemies which are basically expert marksmen with any weapon at their disposal (AI hacks). You can unlock more weapons as you go through the missions.

There is no gamepad support, however for most of you console bunnies out there the default keyboard and mouse controls are very basic and very simple to use and remember.

Verdict: Nostalgic, brutal, unforgiving and very fun.

Developer: Dennation Games
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release Date: 24 Oct 2012

Platform played on: PC