Mark of the Ninja – A First Impression Review

Klei Entertainment bring you another brilliant platformer, in Mark of the Ninja you play a Ninja who’s marked with cursed tattoos that heighten his senses. Lurking in the shadows he is an invisible assassin.

If you’re familiar with Klei Entertainment’s previous works such as Shank & Shank 2 then you’ll have a basic understanding of what Mark of the Ninja has to offer in terms of graphics. If not take a look at the gallery below. The graphics options are limited to only resolution and brightness.

Mark of the Ninja is best played using a controller. The keyboard and mouse controls are also implemented perfectly but still as with all games initially made for XBLA the default key layout is a bit awkward.

Sneaking around and stabbing the enemy in the back is always enjoyable in any game. Mark of the Ninja will never scrimp on your backstabbing fetish however you do have the opportunity to complete levels with as little casualties as possible for the pacifist out there. Being undetected is very important so try and stay in the shadows and run as less, as possible, since the enemies can see, hear and smell your presence (dogs).

Verdict: Enjoyable stealth platformer. Another must play of 2012.

Developer: Klei Entertainment
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Release Date: 17 Oct 2012

Platform played on: PC