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DoOdy is an administration plugin for Minecraft, it was developed for my personal server. The plugin was designed to allow server admins to play in survival mode but still have the ability to go into creative mode without being tempted to cheat the server’s in game economy &/or PVP integrity by abusing Minecraft’s ‘Standard Creative Mode’.


Saving of player’s inventory, location & xp before they enter duty (creative mode).
Once they leave duty (creative mode) their inventory is restored & they are teleported to their original location
Disable PVP while on duty (creative mode).
Disable all/specific items/blocks from being able to be dropped.
Disable all/specific storage access eg. Chests/Dispensers/Furnace/Storage Minecarts.
Control what they cannot break/place through a blacklist.
On the event of their death all their drops are removed.

Command : Description : Permission Node
/doody : Shows available commands : None
/doody [on/off] : Enter/Leave duty mode : doody.duty
/doody [player] [on/off] : Put another player on/off Duty : doody.others
/doody back : Teleport back to last known duty location : None
/doody list : Lists current players on duty : None
/doody reload : Ingame command to reload config.yml file : doody.reload
/doody debug [on/off] : Enable/disable Debug Mode : doody.debug

All permissions default to OP.

Permission Node and Description
doody.* allows access to all commands and abilities
doody.duty allows access to duty mode
doody.reload allows access to reload config
doody.allowplace allows players to place blocks on blacklist
doody.allowbreak allows players to break blocks on blacklist
doody.dropitems allows players to drop items while on duty allows players to use storage while on duty
doody.pvp allows pvp while on duty, regardless of config setting.
doody.others allows player to put other players on/off duty
doody.failsafe.bypass allows fail-safe bypass for players with access to /gamemode or /gm commands (very optional permission node)
doody.debug allows players access to **/doody debug [on/off]**
doody.worlds.[worldName] allows players to enter duty mode in restricted worlds example: doody.worlds.creative

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