KOA New Item Countdown | X
New Hero Weapons Releas in approx. 04 days 08 hrs 25 mins 09 secs
New Dragon Emblems Release in approx. 33 days 08 hrs 25 mins 09 secs

Netherfall Season 2, Round 8 of 12, Top 100 Leaderboard

King of Avalon (KOA), Top 100 Leaderboard for Netherfall Season 2, Round 8 of 12.

King of Avalon Player Stats Tracker Trial

Update 29-Jan-2023 The Player Stats Tracker is now live, help contribute to make the biggest King of Avalon Player stats database!! Original Post Player maintained…

King Tools for King of Avalon & Guns of Glory

Helpful easy to use tools to help rule any kingdom, available for FREE now on Google Play. Current features include Troop March Calculator & Can…

How Fix Calculated Fields Form (CFF) Plugin from redirecting AMP pages to HTTPS

If you have an AMP WordPress website and Calculated Fields Form (CFF) plugin, you may be aware that your forms actually don’t load on the…

Side by Side Comparison Deathseekers, Ice Lords & Flamebringers

Well this has been awhile in the works, just couldn’t find a proper free wordpress plugin to represent the side by side comparisons between Deathseeker,…

King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare: How to get to VIP 12 to unlock quick talent change?

The fastest way of course is the tried and tested method of time….pure time…unless you’re rolling in money it’s going to take a good few…

February 2019: Guide to staying competitive in Fire Lands

Update 1: This article is currently outdated due to SH45 being released with Tier 13 troops. Update 2: As of May 2020 Fire Lands has…

How to get more Noble Badges in King of Avalon Dragon Warfare?

Update 28/01/23: The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining Royal Badges in King of Avalon Original Article In the recent 13/02/2019 game update, FunPlus/Kings Group added a…

Tips & Tricks – How to do better in King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare’s Gold Event – Stage 1 (Gathering)

Update: The Gold Event has been changed to the Kingdom Raid Event. Gathering is no longer a stage in the event. Other aspects of this…

Fallout 76 – Where to find 50 Cal Machine Gun

The 50 Cal Machine Gun can be found on the back of a pickup truck on the highway between the Shooting Range and the Scouts…
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