Nvidia RTX 2080 Released in Australia Prices Too Damn High!

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Nvidia’s new flagship graphics card RTX 2080 has just hit the Australian stores today but the RTX 2080ti is still delayed and expected to hit stores next week.


The RTX 2080 is currently retailing anywhere between $1349 to $1499 in Australian stores. Now the RTX 2080 can be found on Newegg’s United States online store at around $789.99 USD which at the time of writing this is the equivalent of $1087.91 AUD, Australian stores are doing a markup of over $400 AUD, where is this extra $400 coming from? are they shipping the graphics cards individually to Aussie stores from China -> USA -> Australia?  🙄 email me your excuse for the price gouging in the industry to admin@angelofdev.com and I’ll be sure to grab my beer and mates to have a nice old chuckle at it.

If you can find a way to purchase it with Freedom Dollars (:lol: USD) and get it shipped over to Australia you could save yourself over $300 AUD that’s assuming they package your 1.5kg graphics card with 1.5kg of packaging materials. Though be-careful most stores recognise that you’re either purchasing from Australia or shipping to Australia so they could and will end up slapping on the Australia Tax.

If you need to get your hands on it fast try not to get swindled out of your hard earned dough, here are a few resources below to help you compare prices or help with building your new PC.

staticICE – Australia’s tech price comparison search engine.

PC Part Picker – Simplified Building, Price Tracking, Price Alerts, Community

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