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The new Torrent Ascendant Hero Weapons have just been released in KOA, and as always alongside this comes the new Honor Pass. The new Honor Pass will provide you with 50 of Torrent Ascendant Scrolls once you’ve achieved level 28. 

The Honor Pass will also give you the new Challenger Chests which now include the new Torrent Ascendant Hero Weapons. 

On testing the drop rate I opened 45 of the new Challenger Chests and the best items I’ve received this round were 2x Redeemer Equipment, both were the Battle Axe. I’ve received 3 of the Epic Infernal Statues (both were Lions)

Challenger Chest Drop Rate Estimate

Drop rate: Extremely Low (<0.01%) 

  • Torrent Ascendant Hero Weapons

Drop rate: Very Low (<0.01%)

  • Flawless Scarlet Drake Emblems
  • Hegemony Equipment
  • 85x King Uther Hero Fragments
  • 85x King Anguish Hero Fragments
  • Legendary Celestial Statues

Drop rate: Low (approx. 4.4%)

  • Redeemer Equipment
  • 15x King Uther Hero Fragments
  • 15x King Anguish Hero Fragments

Drop rate: Moderate (approx. 6.6%)

  • Epic Infernal Statues
  • Flawless Chaos Gemstones
  • Tempest Hero Weapons

Drop rate: Extremely High (>88.99%)

  • Gold summoning horns

Drop rate: Guaranteed at least 1 of the below

  • Meteorite Iron
  • Gemstone Essence
  • Statue Material 

Pro Tip: Stick to buying the $1.49(AUD) or $7.99(AUD) key packs, when you start venturing into the $14.99(AUD) key packs it may be wiser to start investing into the Torrent Ascendant Fragment packs themselves.

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