How to stop your torrent client spending BitTorrent Tokens (BTT)

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Since I recently started to mine BitTorrent Token I realised I’m spending more than I’m generating so I set out to figure out how to protect my crypto from being burned up faster than I could generate it, the answer was simple disable the cryptocurrency spending in the settings.

Three easy steps to prevent your BitTorrent Tokens (BTT) from being spent.

1. Log into your BitTorrent Speed account.

2. Click on the ‘Cog’ icon to open up the ‘Settings’ window.

3. In the Settings window, Toggle the ‘Increase speed with BTT’ to the ‘Off’ state.

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    Anon says:

    Doesn’t work, it’s a scam or completely broken. I’ve had this setting off since the beginning, my balance went up to 10k, then dropped, then went up to 70k BTT, then dropped back to 10k. I’ve never transferred and never activated the “spend BTT to speed up downloads” option (though sometimes my downloads have been noticeably faster). Unless they make this work properly don’t even bother.

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      admin says:

      Yeah I’m trying to avoid anything related to the Tron TRX framework, particularly anything Justin Sun touches and shills.

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