Tips & Tricks – How to do better in King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare’s Gold Event – Stage 1 (Gathering)

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Update: The Gold Event has been changed to the Kingdom Raid Event. Gathering is no longer a stage in the event. Other aspects of this article are also out of date due to recent updates.

So you want to do better in the first stage of the Gold Event? Well I have listed a bunch of things you can do to get yourself in a better position to become Avalon’s best farmville player.

Below are the necessary steps to get your self ready for gathering.

  1. Re-skilling Lord talent to Economy Tree, prioritising gathering skills,
    • Best if you can unlock the Instant Gather ability.
  2. Set your Dragon’s ability to gathering,
    • Make sure you have set gathering guardian skills.
    • Use enhancement crystals for gathering guardian skills.
  3. Put your farming gear on,
    • If you have unlocked the VIP mode that enables quick change of equipment you will have a much smoother experience.
  4. Appoint Heroes to your Council,
    • Heroes that have gathering/march capacity boosts.
  5. Activate Gathering Speed Buff,
    • Get it from Alliance Donation Store (using Honour).
    • Purchase from Item Store (using Gold).
  6. Activate VIP mode
    • Best if you’ve unlocked the ability to quick change Talent and/or Equipment.

Doing the above will put you in a better position for the gathering stage but ultimately you want to increase the speed at which you’re finishing off tiles.

Tip: Your alliance should ideally have a fresh new mine set at least 1 day before the the Gathering stage of the Gold Event begins.

Tip: Figure out what your gathering time is once you’ve done everything you can to increase your gathering speed/load. Once you have done this send your main march to the alliance mine to finish at least 1 minute after the Gathering Stage has started. (Example: if it takes your main march 12 hours to finish gathering at the alliance mine, send your main march out 12 hours before the Gathering Stage of the Gold Event starts. This way by the time your march arrives at the mine you can ensure that your troops will finish within the gathering stage.)

Tip: Soon as gathering event starts have your alliance leadership use the Gathering Speed alliance spell.

  • Research to prioritise,
    • economy, research Iron/Silver Gathering Speed
    • development, research Troop Load
    • combat, research Troop March Capacity
  • Gear to forge
    • The best gear for gathering is off course the Abundance set however this is outrageously overpriced gear, you would be better off getting the orange gathering equipment scrolls from the Alchemists Corner.
  • Heroes to prioritise
    • Honestly there’s only 2 economy heroes anyone everyone should prioritise, Sir Gareth and Elyan the White.
    • The fragments can be obtained in a number of ways,
      • Summoning Circle, using horns (Luck based),
      • Merlin Trials, using coins (Limited to 4 per day, previously was unlimited amount but Fun Plus realised it was losing them money so it was patched to milk out as much money from players as they can),
      • Spirit Altar, successfully holding a ceremony (Tedious),
      • Spirit Store, if your alliance has enough spirit crystals they can add fragments to the store for players to purchase with spirit coins (Tedious).

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