Lottery Winner’s Safety Net Planner

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If you’re anything like me you’ve often dreamt about winning it big in the Powerball jackpot or another lottery. These dreams started when I was as young as 12 and the only thing that’s changed is I’m much wiser (I’d like to think so), so I’m not likely to rock up to Pizza Hut every night in a Lamborghini Diablo to gorge myself on an all you can eat buffet of pepperoni pizza and cola (I’m lying to myself).

Knowing that I could potentially burn through all the winnings as fast as Wiz Khalifa could smoke through a hectare of weed, so I decided to make a safety net planner to safeguard myself from…well myself. This way I could have piece of mind knowing that even if I do burn through all the millions I could live a comfortable life to the end of my days because I did do some financial planning at the start.

I enjoyed my time dreaming while making this ‘rough draft in the sand’ type tool, to help with planning my ‘mock finances’ in the unlikely event that I finally won more than $8.25 in the Powerball.

In the even that you are a lucky little duckling and win the Powerball or any other major lottery you should go meet with financial lawyers and professional financial planners to look at options available for your personal circumstances. Safeguard your finances for a comfortable future.

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