UPDATED – How many Noble Chests should I open on King of Avalon to get more Noble Badges?

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10/07/2019 Update: New paid methods of acquiring Noble Badges has been added to the game, Honor Pass and Discounted Noble Key Pack from Special Offers (News Center).

Latest Update

The below method of opening 14 Noble Chests at a time still holds true, however with the recent addition of heavily discounted Noble Key pack added to the Special Offers section of the News Center, I’ve been able to test the feasibility of more than 200 Noble Chests at a time.

There may be another optimal range between the 50-58 range, but I will have to continue testing further.

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Original Post

If you’re a free-2-play gamer or a budget gamer like me you probably don’t want to splash any or a lot of cash into buying Noble Keys in the hopes of getting Noble Badges to upgrade your stronghold 31 and up.

So you’ll probably be wondering is there a way to maximise the amount of Noble Badges you get from Level 4 Noble Chests? *like a poorly produced YouTube video hook* well wonder no more, after months and months of experimenting and money wasted with different amounts of chests to unlock at any one time, I have found that the sweet spot is 14x Level 4 Noble Chests.

Yep, 14 Noble Chests, you can get anywhere between 22 to 67 noble badges (average of 38) from unlocking 14x Level 4 Noble Chests at anyone time. I started my tests with unlocking 1 Noble Chest and gradually increasing it by 1 additional Noble Chest until I was opening an amount that guaranteed Noble Badges.

I have found that unlocking less than 14 chests runs the risk of not getting any Noble Badges trust me this is not something you want to risk especially if you’ve been saving up the Noble Keys from the rewards you get from hitting the Daily Goals.

Past updates to this post

14/02/2019 Update: The Noble Key pack has returned to the Gold Store.

07/11/2018 Update: As of December 2018’s update, the drop rate of Noble Badges has been reduced from Noble Chests, and the Noble Key pack has been limited/removed. Sorry but they caught wind of this method and changed it for a cash grab.

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