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Development has ceased on this project.

Source code:

NoOby is a world editing/management plugin developed for my personal server. The plugin enables blocks such as Grass, Glowstone, Glass, Ice, Bookshelves & Snow to drop just like any other block in the game.
NoOby also makes the mining Obsidian difficult with an 80% chance for drops.
This is one way to slow down Obsidian bunkers people make on Factions enabled servers.
To effectively make a difference and slow down obsidian bunkers this plugin is best combined with DynaMight.

What is NoOby?
NoOby was specifically coded for DerpMC to originally stop Obsidian from being mined but later changed, and also implemented to allow other fragile blocks to drop.

How did the plugin get its name?
No Obby(Obsidian) = NoOby.

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