King of the Hill

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Development has ceased on this project.

Developer: AngelofDev

Source code: Protected

What does it do?

Players fight over a beacon in the middle of the arena, whichever team has the beacon in their team colours at the end of the match wins.


Game Commands

  • /koth reward <beaconName> <itemID> Set reward for beacon
  • /koth reward <beaconName> </command> Command Example: /give [player] creative
    • please note that [player] will be processed as the player.
  • /koth open <beaconName> <seconds> Open specified beacon for registration, players only have (seconds) to join
  • /koth start <beaconName> <seconds> Starts the match for specified duration
  • /koth start <beaconName> Beacon must have auto enabled to start by this command
  • /koth open <beaconName> <seconds> bypass Bypass minimium size restrictions

Beacon Commands

  • /beacon set <beaconName> Sets a beacon under the player
  • /beacon del <beaconName> Deletes the specified beacon
  • /beacon auto <beaconName> <minutes> Enables automation of beacon
  • /beacon delauto <beaconName> Disables specified beacon’s automatic setting
  • /beacon setspawn <beaconName> <RED/BLUE> Sets spawn location for <RED/BLUE> team under the player
  • /beacon minimum <beaconName> <size> Set minimum required players to start a match
  • /beacon minimum <beaconName> <size> bypass Bypass minimium size restrictions

Gettings Started

How to: Create a beacon

Stand in a location where you want the beacon and type /beacon set <beaconName>

How to: Delete a beacon

To delete a beacon use the following command /beacon del <beaconName>

How to: Create team spawns

Stand in a location where you want the team spawn and type /beacon setspawn <beaconName> <RED/BLUE>

How to: Start a game

  1. Open Registrations for a specified beacon /koth open <beaconName> <seconds>
  2. Start the match at specified beacon /koth start <beaconName> <seconds>

How to: Automate Beacons

Set beacon automation using /beacon auto <beaconName> <minutes>
Start automated beacon using /koth start <beacoName>
*Automated beacons start automatically on server startup.

How to: Stop Automatic Beacons

Use /beacon delauto <beaconName>

Special Thanks & Acknowledgements

Play/Bug Testers

  • DarkOneX
  • GoldenWood
  • Guywithsword
  • hugh5450
  • LevBNZL
  • master67777
  • PandaC
  • r3
  • WVGgaminit

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