VBA How To Write a Find & Replace Procedure and Call it

A procedure is an effective way of cutting down the repetition of manually writing blocks of code you will be frequently using throughout your source code. The below example will show different methods of writing a Find & Replace procedure in VBA to suit your needs and how to call it within another macro. The…

Developer Tab

How to Enable Macro Recording in Microsoft Excel and Word

To enable the Macro Recording in Microsoft Excel and Word you will need to enable the Developer Tab. The Developer Tab will also enable the Visual Basic for Applications Project Editor function. How to enable Developer Tab Open Microsoft Excel or Word, Click on the FILE menu and then click on Options, Within the Options…

How To: Fix VLC unable to open MRL – Blu-ray needs AACS library

I bought the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian awhile back on Blu-ray and decided to watch it again on my computer for the first time since I bought it on release, VLC media player was my first go to media player. However I received the below error every time I tried to play the movie….